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Adam hails from Glasgow, Scotland, where his musical journey first began to unfold. Starting as a street busker, Adam discovered his passion for performing and took his talents across the globe. His music has graced esteemed venues such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Bahrain Formula One, Landshut Germany Festival, Muscat International Festival, and Dubai’s Marina Music Festival. Notably, he shared stages with renowned artists like Sting, Olly Murs, and Catherine Jenkins at the prestigious Henley Festival. Additionally, Adam made a memorable appearance as a guest on MBC’s tonight show with Badr Saleh.

Setting himself apart as a musician, Adam adopts a unique technique known as “Lap Tapping.” By placing the guitar on his lap, he skillfully taps the frets and strings to craft a mesmerizing melody. This innovative approach stemmed from an injury that fractured one of Adam’s fingers, prompting him to adapt his playing style. Embracing this new method led him to busk on the streets, where he cultivated a preference for this distinctive technique. Today, Adam remains dedicated to this unconventional style, crafting a distinct and recognizable sound that accompanies him on his musical journey.

Adam’s magical journey traces back to his teenage years, when he stumbled upon a David Blaine special on TV at the age of 15. Captivated by Blaine’s array of tricks and illusions, Adam embarked on his own magical pursuits. Over the past decade, he has honed his craft, wowing audiences across Germany, Ireland, and the U.A.E with his charm, charisma, and astonishing card skills. With over a decade of experience under his belt, Adam continues to captivate and amaze audiences with his magical prowess wherever his talents take him.


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