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Ana-Gabriella stands out as a seasoned versatile female violinist in Dubai. Renowned for her dynamic and captivating Performances. Her vibrant style not only energizes the Crowd and fills the dance floor but also adds a touch Of elegance and emotion to any event, especially During heartfelt renditions of romantic ballads.

Hailing from Cuba, ana-gabriella honed her craft at The professional Conservatory of Music School in Matanzas City and the symphony orchestra of the Same city, where she developed her exceptional Musical prowess and stage presence.

Ana-Gabriella’s journey as a musician has taken her to numerous prestigious venues and events across the globe, where she has consistently mesmerized audiences with her virtuosic skills and passionate performances. In addition to her classical training, she seamlessly blends various musical genres, creating a unique and eclectic sound that resonates with a diverse range of listeners. Whether performing at high-profile corporate events, intimate weddings, or grand galas, Ana-Gabriella’s talent and charisma make her an unforgettable highlight of any occasion.

Transform your event with the extraordinary skills of Ana Gabriella, a versatile female violinist in Dubai.


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  • Covers
  • Lounge Music
  • Original
  • World Music

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