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I’m DJ Brian Xclusive, a musical talent whose journey began with an innate love for music since childhood. Early on, I delved into various musical genres, ranging from classical to contemporary, immersing myself in a diverse sonic landscape.

Professional and well versed dj with more than 5 years of experience playing for different crowds and parties. I have great ear for music which helps in my music sampling and gives me the ability to curate a perfect playlist for every event and need serving good vibes to revelers and meeting versatile taste of music lovers. with a very adaptive music playing style i quickly read into the crowd and ensure to serve good vibes only.

Growing up surrounded by the melodies of different cultures, I cultivated a deep appreciation for the rich rhythms of Reggae, the infectious beats of pop, the vibrant vibes of African music, and the urban sounds that spoke to my soul.

In my realm, music transcends boundaries. It’s an endless blend of emotions and rhythms that enthralls all who listen. So, prepare to groove, dance, and lose yourself in the melodies of DJ Brian Xclusive. With my extensive musical background and eclectic taste, your nights are bound to be unforgettable.


  • Multi Genre
  • Pop
  • Reggae
  • World Music

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