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Known by the stage name Edward Sax, I embarked on my musical journey at a young age, delving into the realms of clarinet and piano studies at an art high school. Throughout my academic years, I garnered numerous accolades, clinching top honors at national Olympiads, competitions, and recitals. As a soloist, I graced many concert stages, collaborating with renowned philharmonics and earning trophies at classical music festivals.

My pursuit of musical excellence led me to further my education at the Faculty of Composition and Instrumental Interpretation, where I obtained my degree from the esteemed National University of Music Bucharest. The saxophone became my instrument of choice, captivating me with its sensual tone, distinctive allure, and inherent elegance. While I also possess proficiency in piano, clarinet, and vocal interpretation, they serve as pillars of support in my musical endeavors, enriching the foundation I’ve built throughout my career.


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