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As the face of your event or the voice behind your brand, Katie embodies passion, professionalism, and boundless charisma. With a wealth of experience captivating diverse audiences across various local and international platforms, Katie brings a unique blend of expertise and personality to every project.

Her versatility shines through as she effortlessly navigates hosting live events, delivering engaging online content, and lending her distinctive voice to radio ads, corporate videos, and promotional campaigns. Beyond her captivating performances, Katie also shares her insights and perspectives through her thought-provoking podcast, That Grief Relief Podcast, and occasional appearances on UAE radio station, Dubai Eye 103.8.

Originally from the UK, Katie made Dubai her home in 2008, immersing herself in the city’s vibrant media and events scene. With her natural charm and quick wit, she effortlessly connects with audiences, commanding the stage with confidence and authenticity.

Katie’s impressive portfolio includes hosting a wide array of events, from prestigious gala dinners and awards ceremonies to high-energy product launches and sporting events, for esteemed brands such as Avaya, Canon, Cosmo Middle East, Marriott International, and Nike, among others. Her extensive experience, coupled with her dynamic presence, makes her a trusted choice for brands looking to leave a lasting impression and engage audiences with flair and finesse.


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