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I graduated from Baku Music Academy with a specialization in violin. Subsequently, I garnered valuable experience as a violinist-soloist in the state orchestra of radio and television. As a soloist, I had the privilege of performing on the first channel of my home country, Azerbaijan. Concurrently, I engaged in vocal work as a member of the state jazz polyphonic ensemble “Gaya.” Additionally, I shared my expertise as a violin and viola instructor at the State Music School named after Rostropovich.

Later, I co-founded the first pop string quartet in Azerbaijan, known as SimParty, where my role extended to performing as a violinist. With these musical groups, I frequently embarked on tours to various countries. Upon relocating to Dubai, my focus shifted towards a solo career, and since then, I have predominantly showcased my talents as a solo violinist and singer. Presently, I grace the stages of esteemed venues in Dubai and the wider UAE, featuring performances on Dubai TV channels such as Sama TV and the Horse Racing channel. Furthermore, my artistic endeavors extend to international travel for performances in diverse countries.


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