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Laila, a standout graduate of Baku Music Academy, embarked on her musical odyssey as an exceptional violinist, marking the genesis of her remarkable journey. Her professional debut unfolded within the prestigious state orchestra of radio and television, where her talent as a violinist-soloist illuminated the stage. Concurrently, she showcased her vocal finesse as an essential member of the acclaimed state jazz polyphonic ensemble “Gaya”. Amidst her stage performances, Laila committed herself to nurturing budding talents in violin and viola at the esteemed State Music School, named after the renowned Rostropovich.

A pivotal moment in her career arrived when Laila co-founded the groundbreaking pop string quartet, SimParty, earning accolades for her virtuosity as a violinist. Her musical pursuits with these esteemed ensembles transported audiences on captivating tours, leaving an indelible impression across borders.

Following her relocation to Dubai, Laila redirected her focus towards her solo endeavors, captivating audiences with her dual roles as a solo violinist and vocalist. Presently, she graces premier stages across Dubai and the broader UAE, captivating spectators with her enthralling performances. As her international tours continue to captivate audiences worldwide, Laila’s musical brilliance resonates, cementing her position as a true luminary in the world of music.


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