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Mariela Sawi, a leading professional belly dancer based in the Bay Area, CA, passionately connects with her Arab heritage through Oriental dance. Her performances are a heartfelt tribute to her ancestors, reflecting a deep desire to preserve and honor Arab culture through the artistry of dance. Mariela’s journey is characterized by a commitment to studying and interpreting Oriental dance, ensuring each movement resonates with cultural authenticity and grace.

As an advocate for cultural preservation, Mariela Sawi immerses herself in the intricate nuances of Oriental dance, blending history, technique, and artistic expression seamlessly in her performances. Her dedication extends beyond the stage, as she shares her expertise through teaching and workshops in the Bay Area. Through these educational initiatives, Mariela not only imparts technical skills but also instills a profound appreciation for Arab culture among her students, fostering a community that cherishes and respects this ancient art form.

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