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Experience the unparalleled elegance and luxury of Nikita Vac, an exclusive show and lavish performance crafted by Niko Vach, a virtuoso musician redefining music in a fresh and innovative way. With a mastery of various musical styles, Niko Vach delivers a mesmerizing performance that transcends genres, offering a new interpretation that captivates audiences.

From open commercial to house, tech house, deep house, organic, and melodic, Nikita Vac’s versatile repertoire ensures a captivating experience for all. Whether it’s a grand stadium event, a concert hall spectacle, a pulsating nightclub, an intimate wedding, a family celebration, or a sophisticated restaurant soirée, Nikita Vac’s show promises to delight and leave an indelible impression.

Featuring a dazzling LED violin show and boasting a wardrobe of over 10 stunning stage costumes tailored for any occasion, Nikita Vac adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to every event. Prepare to be enchanted and experience unforgettable emotions as Nikita Vac transports you to a world of musical enchantment like never before.


  • House
  • Instrumental
  • Party
  • Tech House
  • World Music

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