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Born in Moldova in 1983, she inherited the art of the violin from her mother Lidia, a renowned Moldovan violin master. Displaying remarkable talent at an early age, she clinched the 3rd prize on the national stage at the age of 8, competing against older, high-level performers. Pasha, a prodigy, also delved into the piano as her second instrument.

By the age of 15, Pasha’s exceptional abilities led her to substitute for her mother and other instructors at the high music school. Following four rigorous years of musical training under her Russian mentor, she made the bold decision to part ways with the conservatory. During those demanding years, Pasha would sneak into the conservatory in the dead of night, find a room, and play in the darkness to discover the true essence of the violin. Closing her eyes, envisioning an audience seated, listening, and applauding, Pasha found joy in every minute, shaping her identity as a violinist. Two years later, she secured the first prize in the “Stefan Neaga” competition, coupled with obtaining a degree in Orchestra conducting.

From 1999, Pasha embarked on a journey, traveling with orchestras across Europe and gracing prestigious venues and opera houses in Italy, Spain, Romania, Slovakia, and more. In 2003, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in music from the Chisinau Academy of Music, Theatre, and Fine Arts.

Between 2003 and 2006, Pasha became part of the renowned Moldavian group Nikorasong. However, enticed by offers to perform with prestigious orchestras in Europe, she sensed the need for a significant change. In 2007, drawn to the Arabic world, Pasha made a bold move to Dubai, exploring new possibilities.

In her initial years in Dubai, Pasha focused on refining her style, infusing it with femininity, romance, intelligence, passion, and a touch of funk, along with Oriental influences. The turning point came in 2009 when she embraced the electric violin, transitioning from the classical realm to a modern, innovative sound. Since then, Pasha has graced some of Dubai’s most prestigious events, gaining popularity in the local and regional markets.

In 2013, she embarked on a new venture, working on her first solo album with producer Stoyan Stoyanov. The album, set to release in late 2014, is under the direction of Kamal Musallam for KMAC-K&G.


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