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Sandra, a seasoned international pianist, boasts over 12 years of dynamic experience within the events, concert, and teaching spheres. Renowned in the UAE & GCC entertainment circuit, Sandra’s accolades include 1st place prizes from esteemed international music competitions, solidifying her status as a distinguished figure in the industry.

Having commenced her musical journey at the tender age of 7, Sandra honed her craft at the National Conservatory of Music in Bulgaria, specializing in piano. Throughout her educational tenure, Sandra showcased her virtuosity through solo performances, orchestral engagements, and collaborations with various bands and projects.

Beyond her classical foundation, Sandra’s musical palette extends to diverse genres, encompassing Pop, Jazz, Funk, Classical, romantic melodies, Arabic, and Indian music. With her distinctive interpretations and personal flair, she breathes new life into each piece she performs.

Coupled with her captivating persona and undeniable charm, Sandra mesmerizes audiences with her spellbinding performances, leaving an indelible impression that resonates long after the final note fades away.


  • 90s
  • Classic
  • Funk
  • Indian
  • Jazz

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