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Yana, a seasoned performer and DJ, boasts eight years of experience in the vibrant events industry of the United Arab Emirates. Her magnetic stage presence and unmatched talent have won her international recognition. Audiences throughout the UAE adore her, making her a prominent figure in the entertainment realm.

The UAE Government and Ministry of Culture and Arts acknowledged her significant impact by awarding her a coveted 10-year UAE Golden Visa. This prestigious accolade underscores her unwavering commitment to the arts and her pivotal role in enriching the nation’s cultural tapestry.

Receiving the 10-year UAE Golden Visa not only celebrates Yana’s personal accomplishments but also highlights the vital contribution of artists and performers in shaping the Emirates’ cultural identity. It reflects the UAE’s dedication to fostering a thriving arts and entertainment sector that champions creative expression and innovation.

Empowered by her Golden Visa, Yana is ready to embark on the next phase of her artistic journey with renewed vigor. This esteemed recognition serves as both a validation of her talent and a catalyst for further artistic exploration. It inspires Yana and her peers to push boundaries and contribute to the dynamic cultural landscape of the United Arab Emirates.


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