Planning a proposal abroad? Adding a touch of music can make your special moment unforgettable. Here are some top tips for finding and booking the perfect international musician for your proposal.

Why Music Matters in Proposals

Proposing to your partner in a beautiful foreign location can be a dream come true. Along with choosing the right destination and the perfect engagement ring, selecting the ideal music can elevate the entire experience. A favorite song or a piece of music that holds special memories can make the moment even more romantic.

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Tips for Booking Musicians Overseas

Hiring a professional musician adds elegance to your proposal, but communication is key. Discuss your vision and the type of music you want with the musician in advance. This ensures they tailor their performance to your needs. If you’re unsure about the music, don’t hesitate to ask the musician for recommendations.

Settle payment terms upfront to avoid confusion. Decide whether you’ll pay in local currency or transfer money internationally.

Choosing the Best Musicians for Proposals Abroad

The right musician can set the tone for your proposal, whether you prefer romantic ballads or upbeat tunes. Here are some top choices:


Violinists are a timeless choice for romantic settings, from intimate dinners to scenic cliff-top views. They can perform both classical and popular tunes without needing amplification, making it easy to surprise your partner.

Classical Guitarists

Classical guitarists offer a flexible repertoire, playing both traditional pieces and popular tunes. Their soft instrumental music is perfect for proposals, and the guitar’s portability makes logistics simpler if you’re hiring a musician from another country.


A flautist adds a magical, ethereal tone to your proposal, creating a soothing and intimate atmosphere. The flute’s portability makes it ideal for surprise proposals.


The harp is synonymous with romance, both in sound and appearance. While it creates a stunning visual and auditory experience, its size can pose logistical challenges. Consider hiring a harpist who is already in your proposal location to avoid transportation issues.

Jazz Singers

For a classy proposal, perhaps over a black-tie dinner, a jazz singer can set the perfect mood. With romantic standards like “All of Me” and “Fly Me to the Moon,” a jazz singer can provide an unforgettable soundtrack. Ensure you discuss attire and coordinate with the venue if performing in a public setting.


If your venue features a grand piano, a pianist can be a fantastic addition to your proposal. Ensure the pianist is in touch with the venue to discuss details like the piano’s make, model, and tuning status. If the piano needs tuning, this may require additional arrangements.

Share Your Recommendations

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